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Jordan Grainger
Learning and Development Officer, Engie
"I am really glad that I chose to study my L3 L&D apprenticeship at Crosby! They have been professional, friendly and supportive from the offset. I was attracted to study at Crosby as I wanted a provider that offered classroom learning as oppose to distance learning. They also give you the option to attend a residential in Snowdonia which is not only an amazing and challenging experience in itself, you also get to use this time to network, team build and count it towards your 'off the job' learning hours! This was something no other training provider offered and was certainly unique in comparison to other training providers I have dealt with."

Julie Woodcock
HR Officer, Dudley MBC
My Line Manager supported me to apply for the CIPD level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management. It had been some considerable time since I had completed any professional studying but I had no need to worry – my first meeting with Sue allayed all of my concerns. She was patient, thorough and very encouraging when we met for tutorials. The workshop sessions held at Wolverhampton Science Park were well presented, informative and encouraged engagement throughout.. A massive Thank You to Sue, Barbara and Paul!!
Rolls Royce
I was selected by my manager to attend Level 3 Award, Assessing Competence in the Work Environment course. For a cost saving and ensuring to provide customer support without losing manpower out of office I had to search for suitable training providers on-line. Crosby Management Training offer to deliver the course on line via Skype and this was the option I chose. The course ran smoothly and was delivered via Skype on weekly basis, and the discussions following each part of the course were conducted via Skype as well. As English is not my first language I thought it could be hard to understand on-line courses, but my trainer made it easy and explained to me things that I could not understand.
Neal Palmer

I have been working with Crosby Management Training (based in Birmingham) for over 4 years. They provide me with training, development and assessment of workplace assessors. They also manage all associated administration and qualifications associated with the awards gained.

My experience with the whole team at Crosby (from administrator to CEO), has been exemplary, they are a truly professional business. Crosby Management Training understands my organisation and promotes the behaviours I require in my assessors when carrying out their duties. They provide me with a first class service, at an excellent price, consistently.

They have not failed a business target, which for my organisation is often mission and safety critical. Most recent example, is an overseas/international assignment (middle east). Their attention to detail, effort and support with their client (my employee) has been first class and has led to successful outcome for him and Rolls-Royce.

Paul Cadman and Sue Thompson set the bench-mark in their sector. We can all learn something from Crosby Management Training.

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Charles Bradford
Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop, Managing Director

Speaking about WS-ELP "Planning for Success - Creating more time for what's important" delivered by Emma Horne of CMT on Wednesday 5th August 2015:

"I spoke to some of those attending today's training at lunchtime and the feedback was absolutely fantastic - I am really pleased that Gog Magog Hills is involved with the Project and sponsoring this particular course."
Lucianne Allen
Aubrey Allen, Sales and Marketing Director

Following Coaching and Mentoring course 2015:

"By investing in your staff, they will invest in you! This interactive and practical business course proved just that. It was led by a fantastic and experienced tutor who in one day taught us the principles and value behind one to ones with employees, developing staff, coaching styles and choosing mentees, to mention just a few. I would highly recommend this course to all businesses."
Charles Bradford
Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop, Managing Director

Following ‘Planning for Success’ training on Wednesday 5th August 2015 regarding augmenting apprentices:

"I am delighted that the WS-ELP can augment our apprentices’ learning experience with trade competition practice, enhancing customer service skills, taking them on farm visits and the like. My management team are now all trained coaches and mentors so are busy developing our people to give our customers a memorable experience at Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop."
Nicola Bishton
Apprentice, Bostin Baps

Following Level 3 Food Safety course on 16th /17th June 2015:

"Having already received Level 2 Food Safety training, the further, broader knowledge gained in Level 3 has greatly benefited both myself and my company. The session was made enjoyable by the tutor and I have implemented what I have learned."
George Araklitis
Head of HR at HF Markets of (Europe) Ltd - Cyprus

"I chose Crosby Management Training to complete my Advanced Level 7 HRM diploma in order to achieve chartered status with the CIPD.

Having met Sue Thompson and Paul Cadman, it became immediately evident that they both possessed the knowledge and skills to provide me with the best possible support for me to complete my studies. Being based in Cyprus was no hindrance whatsoever as they were always available and provided excellent assistance remotely, as well as being extremely accommodating in meeting me during my visits to the U.K. to fit my time schedule. Their capability in the field of HR allowed me to prepare and submit some comprehensive work and achieve passes at the first attempt every time.

I am forever thankful to everyone at Crosby and would recommend them to anyone as they are a pleasure to work with!"

Michalis Kourtidis
Managing Director - LERIO Consulting & Associate Lecturer in Oxford Brookes University

"...The fact that I had to review my work in detail based on certain competences was very rewarding as it encouraged me to feel confident that my experience was as much consistent and valid in the UK as it is abroad. I acknowledge that my case was a bit challenging for Crosby as most of my consultancy has taken place in Greece and the Balkans - hence different setting, different language - but you administered and managed it very effectively.

Also, the seminar on "how to write an MRR" that Sue and Kevin organised was very helpful as it explained the requirements in detail and proposed a guideline to follow. I may not have followed it religiously, but it certainly helped. I would also like to thank the translator who spent time to verify translation from Greek to English. You are a team of professionals who work very well and flexibly together; whenever someone was unavailable another member of the team was there to cover him or her promptly. That attitude supported me at the last stage of writing my research report efficiently"

Patrick Burns
HR Director - Rolls Royce International in Singapore

"I worked with Crosby on my course (CIPD Professional Assessment) and felt I was extremely well supported all the way through.


Sue, my consultant briefed me very thoroughly on the process and gave good advice and guidance as I prepared for each component of the course. The process of producing and describing the evidence of my work experience was an effective way of demonstrating learned competencies and knowledge. It was also useful for me personally as an HR practitioner to catalogue and assess in a reasonably formal way the sum of everything I had been exposed to and experienced over many years in several different business environments. While there was a significant time commitment, it was ultimately fulfilling and actually enjoyable.


The programme also seemed relatively easy to adapt to the highly international nature of my career in HR. The fundamentals of good HR practice appear to be the same wherever they are carried out and Sue, quite rightly, made no concessions in terms of ensuring that I provided work examples at the correct standard.


I had the added complication of me being based in Asia and only visiting UK periodically. Sue was extremely flexible in fitting in with my schedule and meeting me in a wide variety of locations for the review sessions. Although we had to depend on email for a lot of our communication in the periods between meetings, this always worked well and Sue was very responsive".

Chief Superintendent Peter Munroe
Birmingham Police

"I applied to Crosby to take the CIPD PAC course which leads to Chartered Membership.

There was an initial first meeting to judge preparedness and good guidance on the evidence required. Meetings were flexible. There was thorough probing during presentation of my evidence, and clarity around the structure of the management report. The centre was very positive about doing a work based project instead of the usual academic report. There was an honest appraisal of the work involved and time commitment needed.

Crosby delivered exceptional support and mentoring and fully supported me through the process."

Janet Hill
Owner, MH Ltd Hills Bakery

Following Coaching and Mentoring training on Tuesday 25th August 2015.

“The training refreshed my memory on techniques, very positive and lively session. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully it has motivated and taught my employees.”
Kerry Francis-Ballinger
Simple Sammy’s Diner and Cafe

Following Coaching and Mentoring training on Wednesday 12th August 2015

"The course has helped me to develop more confidence within my job, given me ideas in how to develop in myself and to help others. I don’t feel there could be any improvements made to the training I received. The tutor, Emma, and the other attendees have been a pleasure to spend the day with. Thank you"