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Learning and Development Practitioner – Level 3 Standard

Learning & Development Apprenticeship Standard – Practitioner Level 3

Benefits to the business

Attraction, development, engagement and retention of L&D staff.

Development of L&D expertise at practitioner level: – linking learning within their area of responsibility to business objectives and performance.

Content of the Apprenticeship Standard
(designed by an L&D Trailblazer employer group and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships)

  • Knowledge – L&D technical expertise, business and commercial understanding, L&D function, MI and technology
  • Skills – Identification of Learning Needs; Training/Learning Design; Training/Learning Delivery; Evaluation of Learning effectiveness; Communication & Interpersonal Skills; Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Behaviours – Constant & Curious Learner; Collaborative Partner; Passionate & Agile Deliverer

Who is it for?

  • Individuals newly appointed to an L&D role and/or existing L&D employees who need ‘significant new knowledge and skills’
  • Subject Matter Experts who may aspire to make a career out of L&D and wish to transition from their particular field of expertise to an L&D position

How long will my Apprenticeship take to complete?

Typical duration 18-24 months depending on existing knowledge, skills, and experience.

What’s included in the CMT Apprenticeship programme*?

*Subject to agreement on an appropriate funding band

  • Initial enrolment meeting and 1-2-1 training session
  • 5 workshops of 1 or 2-day duration at regular intervals over a 12-month period (the exact number of workshops will be dependent on group size and logistics)
  • 1 x webinar
  • Learning activities with feedback where appropriate
  • 3-way progress reviews (Apprentice, line manager, trainer) circa every 12 weeks either at learner’s location or via Webinar/SKYPE
  • Distance learning – Webinar/SKYPE/email/telephone support as required – access to CIPD resources, if relevant.
  • Residential opportunity – 3 days in Snowdonia (with a focus on developing the required behaviours (stated in the Apprenticeship Standard) as well as an opportunity for theoretical input.
  • End Point Assessment – Guidance and Preparation (in the event of further support and training in preparation for a potential re-sit or re-take, an additional cost to be agreed will be required outside of Levy funding)


When and where can I start?

Programme dates and locations will be planned by CMT which will be driven by demand. Please contact us to register your interest, or formally apply to join a Learning Set by completing our enrolment form.

What is the role of the employer?

All Apprenticeships are employer-led and are the responsibility of the employer, with support of training providers. The employer will normally provide induction training; manage the employee, including performance management reviews; conduct monthly 1-2-1s; provide support; provide workplace learning activities, shadowing opportunities, coaching, and mentoring; agree scope and content of an L&D project; provide ongoing and final feedback; co-operate with the requirement for 20% of the Apprentices’ time to be spent ‘off the job’ learning related to the L&D Apprenticeship Standard.

What is the role of the training provider – Crosby Management Training Ltd?

CMT will provide initial advice and guidance, clarify roles and responsibilities, agree a timetable, complete relevant apprentice paperwork, deliver training, monitor progress, provide learner support, provide feedback, help agree scope and content of project, register with appropriate bodies, support preparing the Apprentice for the formal End Point Assessment (EPA) and claim the final Apprenticeship qualification certificate.


Choose either CIPD Level 3 L&D Award, Certificate or Diploma qualification at an extra cost outside of Apprenticeship funding – optional qualification. This will involve additional learning.

Apprentices wishing to complete an additional CIPD qualification will need to register as student members of the CIPD (costs to be met by the Apprentice or employer along with a fee of £400 for CIPD Level 3 Award, £1,000 for a CIPD Level 3 Certificate or £1,600 for a CIPD Level 3 Diploma). A small additional charge will be made for the elements of the unique CMT Residential event, which cannot be Government funded. CIPD text books will also
incur an additional cost.

End Point Assessment – conducted independently by the CIPD

Two elements to build a cumulative picture of the application of knowledge, skills and behaviours and overall performance against the Standard – Project with a Professional Discussion and Learning Journal with targeted questions.


Funding/Additional Costs

For larger employers, this Apprenticeship will be funded through your Digital Apprenticeship Account – for smaller employers, not subject to the Apprenticeship Levy, the Apprenticeship will be funded 95% by the government and 5% by the employer. Costs for the End Point Assessment are paid through the overall Levy funding (up to 20% of the total Apprenticeship cost).

The funding CAP will be £6000. For more information on the funding CAP, contact CMT.


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