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CMT’s First Teaching Assistant Workshop

1st November 2019

On the 24th September 2019, CMT introduced their very first cohort of the newly offered Teaching Assistant apprenticeship. This is the latest venture for CMT as we broaden our apprenticeship offering, which has been greatly helped by our colleague Sam Turner, who has 11 plus year experience in the education sector.

The interactive day included multiple discussions on the history and progression of schools. There was also a focus on the curriculum past and present, changes in teaching methodologies and how social change has impacted on these.

Following Crosby’s launch of the new Teaching Assistant apprenticeship programme standard, Craig McNaughton, Department Team Leader, said “As a department we are delighted to be involved in the latest stage of Crosby’s expansion into new apprenticeship standards. This was a really successful workshop and we are keen to build on this success with future cohorts.”

The next step in the journey for these apprentices is their second workshop, which will be on the promotion of positive behaviours, on the 26th November.

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