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CMT Employee Residential 2018

20th December 2018

Well what a fantastic day! What could be better than a sunny day in Snowdonia during December. Well on Friday this may well have been a question our own staff had, as they embarked onto the Residential which our apprentices often take part in during their own apprenticeship journeys with us.

The day started early doors with our team arriving in Snowdonia for a centre briefing followed by a 3.5 hour navigation walk. As you can imagine its certainly fresh in the mountains during mid December.

From then on we focused on the organisations values, aims, mission! Some great discussions were had on where we want to be moving forward, where we are already and why we are great at what we do!

Overall a fantastic day for everyone involved and we can all now understand what the Residential adds to our apprenticeship delivery. This unique residential which sets us apart from the other providers really does offer something which supports apprentices and our own people to develop personally and professionally.

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