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Aviation Operations Manager, FOps – Level 4

This brand-new employer developed Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard in Aviation will include knowledge, skills and behaviours to complete complex aviation tasks and may include supervision of others to enable compliance with regulations through a safe, secure and effective aviation operation.

Benefits to the business

Attraction, development, engagement and retention of FOps staff.

Development of FOps expertise to: – Flight operations specialists will provide guidance and leadership to colleagues in the flight operations team, facilitating the smooth flow of operations by providing information both themselves and with the support of team members, to key stakeholders including flight crew.

Occupational / Role Profile:

The role is accountable for ensuring their FOps teams contributes to, and influences, improved performance in the workplace at an individual, team and organisation level. They also have the commercial responsibility to align strategic ambitions and objectives of the business with the day-to-day running of the flying program.

The role can be a generalist FOps Manager or more specialist Manager, where the focus and in-depth expertise is in a specific area such as OCC, Flight Planning, Dispatch, Performance or Mass and Balance. Whichever the area of focus, the role requires a strong grounding across all areas of FOps and is business and industry focused.

Requirements: Core Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours
Knowledge: Technical Subject Matter Expert, Business and Industry Understanding, Manage Resources
Skills: Effectively Communicate, Manage People and their performance, Develop a Safety Culture, Monitor Compliance, Time Management
Behaviours: Promote company values, encourage empowerment, leed by example, seek and provide feedback, be technologically astute and keep abreast of industry developments, embed a safe, secure and compliant working culture.

Duration: 18-24 months depending on existing knowledge, skills, and experience.
Delivery method – recommendations

  • 5-10 x 1 day workshops at monthly intervals (No. of workshops dependent on group sizes and logistics).
  • Setting and providing feedback on assignments
  • 3-way learner reviews (learner, line manager, trainer & assessor) every 8-12 weeks either at learner’s location or via SKYPE/Facetime
  • Distance learning – Webinar/SKYPE/email/telephone support as required.

Role of employer

The employer will be involved in performance management of the apprentice ensuring that they are given enough support and that reviews are carried out regularly to monitor progress. Monthly 1-2-1’s and shadowing opportunities should be made available, as could a coach or mentor from within the company to offer support. The company will need to support the requirement for 20% of the apprentice’s time to be spent off the job learning and allowing the apprentice time to complete their studies.

Role of training provider Crosby Aviation Ltd

Provide initial advice and guidance, clarify roles and responsibilities, agree timetable, complete apprentice paperwork, identify learning gaps, deliver training, monitor progress, provide learner support, provide feedback, agree scope and content of project, review and assess project, register with appropriate bodies, prepare for End Point Assessment (EPA) and claim final certificate.


There is no mandatory qualification, however, one of the following two options is strongly recommended to ensure that the apprentice has a robust technical grounding in FOps:

  • The apprentice should complete either the UKOMA Ops Managers course (extra £900) or the NVQ in Aviation Management (costing tbc).
  • Final Assessment Plan (to be carried out by Independent Assessment Org)
  • A Consultative Project, completed in the final months of the apprenticeship which contains a range of evidence demonstrating that the apprentice has met the requirements of most of the Standard.
  • A Professional Discussion

Funding/Additional Costs

For larger employers, this Apprenticeship will be funded through your Digital Apprenticeship Account. For smaller employers, not subject to the Apprenticeship Levy, the Apprenticeship will be funded 90% by the government and 10% by the employer. The funding band is £5000.

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